Bostani Farm-to-Table; A 10-Course Meal That Everyone Should Experience

The Poseidonion Grand Hotel is a place worth adding to your bucket list. During our honeymoon, we were fortunate to stay at this magical hotel on the beautiful “Island of Aromas” of Spetses, Greece.

From the moment we entered the hotel to the moment we stepped off the property, we were surrounded by wonderful customer service and even better food. In learning more about the food, we discovered that the local Bostani Farm provides fresh produce for the hotel’s on-site restaurants as well as inspiration for the seasonal menus.

We were lucky enough to get a last-minute reservation at one of the hotel’s restaurants, the Bostani Farm-to-Table Restaurant which is owned by the Poseidonion Grand Hotel. We visited the farm followed by arguably the best meal of our lives.

Bostani Farm sits atop the hills on the island of Spetses. My mouth started to water as I walked around the property examining all the food staples that make up Mediterranean food heaven. I found all the key ingredients for making the perfect Greek salad and much more.

How about those artichokes in the above photo? Crazy cool.

Can you tell I was in heaven? My heart is so happy when it is surrounded by fresh food for fueling our brains, bodies, and bellies!

Let’s get to the good stuff. What we all came here to read about, the meal.

Course 1: Tsipouro (an un-aged brandy from Greece and strong AF) and Meze platter (cheeses, olives, fresh sun-dried tomatoes, bread…)

Course 2: Two kinds of fresh-baked bread, Greek salad, and fresh Beet salad.

Course 3: Triopita (cheese pies) and a divine smoked eggplant dip.

Course 4: Freshly fried zucchini chips with the BEST tzatziki dip I’ve ever had.

Course 5: Traditional Greek tomatoes, egg and cheese dish.

Course 6: A huge bowl of sliced, homemade, fresh, country sausage. (My mouth is watering thinking about this)

Course 7: Pasticcio pasta with a light fresh tomato sauce, perfectly cooked chicken and all the mizithra cheese you could want.

Course 8: Rib-eye steak cooked to perfection, freshly fried potatoes, and more tzatziki dip.

Course 9: Kaimaki ice cream with bitter cherry preserves, chocolate log (a soft cookie-type dessert that reminded me of biscotti) and Oren cake.

Course 10: Seasonal, fresh fruit. In our case, this was the best watermelon I have ever tasted.

Throughout the entire meal, which lasted approximately three hours, they poured red, white and rosé wines that paired with each dish. Guess how much the above meal cost?

80 euros.

I’m not kidding.

80 euros per person, for ALL THAT! That is the best 80 euros I’ve ever spent in my life. In San Francisco, that meal would have been no less than $200 per person, with no alcohol included.

So, while planning your next vacation or next foodie adventure, think of this affordable, incredible ten-course meal and add this destination to the list! You won’t be disappointed, I promise. And I never lie about food.

Happy feasting!

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