Almond Butter Cup Dark Chocolate Granola Anytime Collagen Bars

A tasty gluten-free treat with dark chocolate for any time of the day really lights me up. That’s why I combined a few of my favorite recipes and Codeage Collagen Protein to create these Almond Butter Cup Dark Chocolate Granola Anytime Collagen Bars.

Chocolate Almond & Cashew Butter Nice Cream

Nice cream the perfect frozen treat for any day you find your sweet tooth kicking in. This version is dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan.

Paleo and Vegan Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread

I have tried a zillion healthy pumpkin bread recipes. Okay, not a zillion but A LOT. This one is by far my favorite recipe to date. It has the perfect texture, crispy edges but gooey and undercooked just perfectly on the inside.

Fall Inspired 5-Minute Snack

I love fall, especially all of the spices and flavors around fall dishes. Cinnamon, ginger, pumpkin and nutmeg go so well with Asian pears, apples and other crunchy fruits. Here is one of my new favorite go-to snacks!

Homemade Taco Seasoning

Who doesn’t love Taco Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday? I can’t get enough! Whether it’s tacos, taco bowls, taco salads or taco seasoned meat stuffed peppers, we love it all.


Greek food is my favorite, especially Spanakopita (spinach-cheese pie), and one of the many reasons Taylor and I are getting married in Sanotorini, Greece ;). My father is of Greek heritage, born and raised in Cyprus. Growing up half Greek I was fortunate enough to have many authentic, homemade Greek dishes like this one.

Paleo & Keto Everything but the Bagel Chicken Wings

These are the BOMB. I am on a mostly Paleo diet and Taylor is on a Keto diet and these wings are friendly for both! We make them for every party (usually doubling or tripling the recipe) we host and bring them to every party we don’t host, and they are always the first thing to get consumed.

Superfood Smoothie

One scoop of plant based protein powder (my favorites are always chocolate and either Garden of Life Raw Chocolate Plant Protein Powder or Garden of Life Raw Fit Protein Powder)…

Superfood Paleo Trail Mix

Need a healthy snack? I’ve tried making many combinations of homemade trail mix and this one is my favorite! Packed with nutrients and superfood goodness, this is a trail mix you will want to have everywhere you go.

Easy Sheet Pan Oven Bake

Perfect for meal prepping lunches for the week or a quick all-encompassing dinner for two. Switch up the ingredients with seasonal vegetables so that it is like a brand new meal every time. I love adding asparagus, zucchini and other seasonal squash.